Boise, Idaho Couple’s Photos | Downtown Boise

I love shooting weddings, but there’s something about a casual couple’s shoot that is just so fun. These two wore jeans and white t-shirts for their shoot and I LOVE how it turned out against the bright, urban surroundings in Boise. When you’re doing a city photoshoot, it’s a great idea to keep your outfits simple and clean. With the sun still high, it made really pretty, bright photos. Always remember that your outfits will affect the overall vibe of your photos, so follow your photographer’s outfit guide and suggestions!

Downtown Boise was not what I expected, being from the LA area. I kind of forgot Boise was the state capitol for a second there, and so when we drove through a clean, cute Downtown, I was pleasantly surprised and felt kind of dumb for not realizing it was there, haha. The corner of JUMP’s 5th floor gave us some shade and a really great backdrop of local buildings. The side of the building has this little balcony perfect for couple’s photos, as it overhangs and just looks really cool. It’s small and you can definitely get creative with framing couples at this spot.

While I mostly shot in shade or backlighting the couple for dreamy goldeny photos, but we also had fun with some direct light. There’s no reason to avoid bright sunlight for at least a portion of your wedding or photoshoot. It gives off this direct flash, filmy vibe which is so fun. Play with the shadows and the drama.

We also did an outfit change partway through and chose two of our favorite spots from the 5th and 6th floors for clean, urban, bridal shots. After that, we did a completely opposite bridal shoot in the middle of the Black Cliffs. The variety we got on this day was SO fun.

I’d definitely come back here to shoot and I would looove to explore more of Boise. I saw some super cute photos on Instagram in front of the capitol building, and I think that’d be super fun to try, too.

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