Griffith Observatory Sunrise Engagement Photos

This was such a fun photoshoot at Griffith Observatory in Los Angeles, California. Venessa and Ryan love Old Hollywood and watching movies together, and the vibes during this shoot were immaculate.

I looked up ahead of time how to shoot at the Griffith Observatory, and Venessa called the observatory herself for some information. Basically, shooting here before the sun comes up is the absolute best because parking at the top of the hill is free until 10:00am. So we were able to beat the Los Angeles crowds and didn’t have to walk up the hill! Both huge wins.

Something important to Venessa and Ryan was that as their photographer, I could incorporate and use the architecture in their engagement photos—specifically, Venessa loved the green doors. So we definitely had fun with angles and framing at this old building. You can also see the Hollywood sign from the observatory, so it makes for some super fun photos with “HOLLYWOOD” in the background.

Sunrise engagement photos are always worth the early morning—there’s way less people, and morning light is just stunning! Certain locations, especially in Los Angeles, are way easier to shoot at sunrise so you aren’t having to work around as many people. If you’re planning a Griffith shoot, consider arriving while it’s still dark and watching the sun come up.

I can’t wait for Venessa and Ryan’s wedding next April! This 2024 bride is going to have some stunning details pieces at her wedding (maybe even some black roses included in her wedding florals…incredible).

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