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As a Santa Clarita + Los Angeles photographer, I often get the special experience of capturing engagement photoshoots at the beach, and several times have shot at breathtaking Point Dume in Malibu. The photos below speak for themselves, and this session just proves why Point Dume is an absolute dream location for capturing timeless moments of love.

  • The Magic of Point Dume, Malibu: Gorgeous ocean views from the cliffs, hiking paths that are in full bloom in April, and multiple points of beach access. Point Dume in Malibu is a golden setting, perfect for engagement photography. In fact, Justin and I actually had our photos taken here when we got engaged! So it’s sentimental for me in that sense, too. We loved our photos here and when couple’s want a beach shoot, I know where to take them.

  • Capturing Natural Beauty: Point Dume’s rugged cliffs and landscapes give couple’s a unique opportunity to get a variety of backdrops within the same location—rocky cliffs, paths with plenty of vegetation and occasionally flowers, and multiple beaches. The main path is a 5-10 minute walk from the beach up to the cliffs, and the start of the path is right next to the parking lot and bathrooms. You can explore the top of the cliffs for a while, or head to the opposite end of the bluffs and go down to other beaches. Some beaches here don’t get the golden light from golden hour as much, but are great for if the sun is too high and you need some shade.

  • Embracing the Light: Golden hour at Point Dume is pure magic! As the sun began to set, its warm, golden light enveloped everything around us, creating a romantic and ethereal atmosphere. I brought out my art lens (the Velvet 56 mm LensBaby) and took some dreamy photos near blue hour. I love shooting right before sunset, but I also make sure to work with the sun when it’s higher in the sky. As a wedding photographer, I’m often confronted with photographing families or bridal parties in bright daylight. Sometimes, harsh light is all you have! So at this engagement shoot, I made sure to capture this couple in a variety of light, even face on while they ran around and played tag. So cute!

  • A Couple’s Vision: As primarily a couple’s photographer, my vision is simple: capture my couple’s vision for their shoot. Deanna and Zach wanted to highlight their love  while also including the natural beauty of Point Dume. I encouraged them to be themselves, to laugh and chat, and to let their genuine emotions shine through. We  got some stunning shots of their giddy laughter and the beauty of the beach.

Point Dume in Malibu is truly a dream location for an engagement photoshoot. Its beaches, ocean views, and rocky cliffs set the stage for beautiful photos. As a Los Angeles photographer, it was an absolute joy to witness and capture this couple’s genuine joy and affection amidst the beauty of Point Dume.

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