Surprise Proposal in Laguna Beach

 Rocco and Gabby

Rocco reached out about capturing a surprise proposal to his love, Gabby. We had mutual friends and had met once at a wedding a few years ago, and I had heard such high praise about these two and their love for Jesus. Through five years of dating, various life challenges, and COVID, their next step had been put on hold longer than they wanted.

I was absolutely thrilled to photograph their proposal at Thousands Steps Beach in Laguna Beach, California. This location lived up to its name, as evidenced by my sore legs the next day. But it was 100% worth it.

The morning of the proposal, I woke up hours early to make sure I didn’t miss anything or keep Rocco waiting. He had planned to propose right in front of a beautiful cave at the end of the beach, so I set myself up an hour early. He told me that the cave was at the end of the beach, left of the stairs. Once I made my way down the stairs, I walked a few minutes and set up my spot. 

Since this wasn’t an area where I could hide, I set my blanket down and hid my camera gear behind my bags. I tried to act like I was just enjoying a beach day alone. My hands shake at proposals because I know what’s coming and I can’t wait! I don’t want to miss a thing! My heart was racing Rocco and Gabby walk down the beach, knowing what was about to take place even though Gabby didn’t.  I was so invested in this moment.

And it was as successful as I could have planned. Rocco and I saw each other but kept it low key. He led Gabby to a spot with the cave in view, and I “admired the view” of the ocean so I could get in position. And then he dropped to his knee!

Gabby was shocked and absolutely elated. The photo session following the moment was full of excited laughter, endless smiles, and trying to let the surreal moment sink in. They’re engaged!!

I can’t wait to capture your wedding this winter, Rocco and Gabby!!

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