washington wedding highlight video

Northern Washington Winter Wedding

Jeremiah and Hannah

Every wedding has its own unique experience and story. Two families come together to spend the day celebrating the bride and groom becoming one. The personalities, cultures, and gestures of celebration at each wedding reflect each couple, and it is always so fun to capture these memories in video.

But some weddings hit a little different.

Hannah has been a friend of Justin’s for years. We all met in college, but Justin and Hannah shared some really unique adventures together during Justin’s senior year and the summer following graduation. Together, Justin and Hannah led a mission trip to Malawi with a handful of classmates. The team spent all Spring preparing, learning about the country, the people, and the needs of the missionaries that they would be serving.

What a growing, stretching, and incredible trip. Justin and Hannah worked together to lead their team all the way to Africa, through tough decisions, problem solving, and team building. Their heart motivations were to serve the people whom they were visiting, and they sought to put the Lord first in every area of this adventure. This is the second wedding of members from the team that we had the opportunity to film. It is such a joy to capture special friends’ love stories.

We boarded a plane with two other friends to fly to northern Washington. Ruth was a dear friend of Hannah’s and was photographing the wedding,

and Kaitlyn was Hannah’s college roommate. All three of them had spent a semester in Israel studying the Bible back in college. Hannah’s wedding felt like a reunion of sorts.

We landed in Spokane, got a rental car, and drove almost three hours to Tonasket, Washington. We’d been warned that it would be cold, and we were met with the most beautiful, snowy wonderland (I’ve never really spent time in snow, as a LA native…this was absolute magic).

Jeremiah’s brothers hosted Justin and I during our three night stay in Washington which was one of the sweetest aspects of this weekend. It’s rare that we get to spend so much time with the families of our couples before shooting the actual wedding. They welcomed us with open arms, fed us, and treated us as if we had been long time friends. Because Hannah had met Jeremiah in Washington, none of us had had the privilege yet of getting to know Jeremiah in person. I can’t tell you how fun this was to get to know the family that Hannah would be joining.

The wedding itself was such a fun blend of Hannah’s home in Ireland and Jeremiah’s nordic ancestry. The reception almost felt like a medieval feast, complete with the bride and groom drinking from literal goblets. Amazing.

We loved this  weekend so much and we cannot wait for our next destination wedding!

washington wedding highlight video

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